Construction & Renovation Waste Disposal

Any debris and renovation materials piling up at your site can hinder you from completing a project on time. Tay Waste Recycling provides a hassle-free and flexible solution that ensures every aspect of your construction waste are taken care of, such as empty paint buckets, electrical wiring, bricks and etc.

With our construction waste disposal or removal services, we will be doing the collection of construction waste and the disposal of it. We also provide assistance in the removal of bulky waste from site.

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Why Choose Our Construction Waste Disposal Services?

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    Here’s How It Works

    Collection of Construction Waste

    We provide Open Top Container (OTC) bins that are suitable for demolition, renovation or renovation waste. When these containers are filled with debris or reusable construction materials, it will then be collected and transported using our trucks to designated facilities for further sorting or disposal.

    Transport of Construction Waste

    Picked and sorted materials are deposited using equipment and manual labor into industrial containers of various types then transported to intermodal facilities for recycling or disposal.

    Disposal of Construction Waste

    Diverted materials are destined for incorporation in new products as recycled material or are processed for reuse. Materials destined for disposal in landfills include materials contaminated with waste or which have been ruined, and materials for which markets do not exist.